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Helping churches to fulfill the mission to impact our most vulnerable communities

"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,"

Matthew 28:19 NIV




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Find where to go: Research local data of faith

Source: The American Religious Census.

Find what to do: Resources for local needs 


Join our platform to recieve community outreach tools such as:

  • Map of social issues and human service needs based on regions

  • Database of practical needs of residents from community surveys

  • Forums to share and inquire with other outreach-minded professionals

  • Courses for outreach directors to learn & discuss community solutions

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"the HOW TO"

Book a consultation, or attend our workshop to help your key leaders create a road map for the best member experience and operate within the best practices for outreach tailored to your community

Finger on the Map


  • Get support to apply, evaluate, budget, and report work with grants.

  • Get tips and tools to mobilize departments for outreach.

  • Get strategy on how to embed the gospel in press release and media coverage.

  • Gain tools and activities for your church departments to connect people to discipleship. Student inter-cultural connection, Community Service, Etc.

  • Tools for congregants for centralized and decentralized outreach engagement and experiences




Identify agencies and organizations who work with churches to meet community needs 


Manage your Church's online profile so residents can find you whether they are in need of discipleship and public services


Promote your outreach event, grants, and services to your target audiences.

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