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We are churches united to transform our cities by influencing a culture of pausing for a moment of prayer. With this campaign, you will be encouraged and reminded to pause and pray for your moments of need, for others, and for your community. 

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Prayer is the way to re-align and communicate with God, the One who helps us see the big picture above all else. We believe as people are realigned, we will see transformation in our cities. Support this campaign goal for prayer by donating to produce a culture of prayer in our cities!

Prayer request

Send a prayer request to our multi-church prayer team so we can see change in your situation.

Prayer selfies

Share a prayer on your social media to encourage others to #pausepray when facing challenges or in need of re-alignment.

Prayer events

Check out the events where people are uniting to pray with each other and for hope for our communities


Invite is to come facilitate a prayer for unity at your organization and get others involved to pray!

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Share your experience of projects or events to help us improve or continue in doing a great job serving our communities. Please email your feedback to


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