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Network Representative:

A COGL member who serves as a consultant for and with ministries for city impact.


Summer Reed, Founder of Great Commission Studios

Network Representative for Arts and Media Impact

Networks Impacting Arts and Media

Arts and Media Prayer Team

Hearing from our Cities | 2019 Report

Event Report

  • Our Culture of Prayer Team facilitated a prayer meeting with 13 leaders around this area.

  • COGL worked with a Steering Team of practitioners and network leaders in this area for
    planning the event of about 40 leaders within the arts and media industry.

  • Their diverse background includes performing artists, musicians, artists, tv broadcasting, film, and worship leaders.


City Discussion Panelists

  • Lansing Public Media Center - Jason Gabriel

  • Greater Lansing Arts Council - Meghan Martin, Director


Faith Community Panelists

  • Media Messengers - Dan Henderson


Ways to Serve Our Cities

The city of Lansing has an Arts and Culture Commission that is helping beautify Lansing. Each year there is a high-quality Creative Placemaking Summit to help display and educate how arts are impacting our economy.


Resources for Community Groups

  • The Arts Council provides resources for art projects, individual artists, and more! Visit them online to see grants, projects, festivals at 

  • Lansing public media has various low-cost resources for broadcasting, training, camera rental and more. You can find more here to connect at


Ways to Pray for our Cities

Prayer was requested by city leaders that there would be more “doers” that are involved in the community, show up consistently to serve, and make impact to beautify our cities.

Faith Impact on Arts and Media | 2019 Report

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The churches in the Lansing area each include ministries focused on inspiring people to express themselves
creatively in ways that create joy and hope this is done through mediums such as: art, music, dance, drama,
digital media, and more. Here is a list of faith-based collaborative groups that are impacting arts and media:
• Great Commission Studios - A dance, Lyric, Ballet, and Pilates studio that uses proceeds for missions
• Jubilee Arts - A faith-based dance and music studio
• GNN-TV - The Good News Network, Lansing Area’s faith-based tv network
• Hope -Central - Performing and Technical Arts Youth Program

Annual Collaboration Events

(List your faith event here - $50 Donation)

  • Mid-Michigan Gospel Fest | June 12-14, 2020 | music festival |

  • Faith Fest | June 27, 2020 | music festival |

  • Bless Fest Weekend | August 28-29, 2020 | music and community resource event |


Community Support Business Listings
(List your business here - $100 Donation)

Great Commission Studios | 517-759-5554 | 1918 S. Pennsylvania Lansing 4910 |


Media Messengers | 517-862-7287 | P. O. Box 331 East Lansing, MI 48826 |

STATE OF THE CITY 2019 - Arts & Media Focus

On the canvas of Michigan, the Mayor of Lansing created the Arts and Culture Commission and brought partners together to bring in $140,000 for awards through First Impression Grants to fund large and permanent art projects for beautification of the city and to illustrate it’s legacies.

City Dpt.: LPMC (Media Center)

Contact:  Dominic Cochran Email:

• Mayor Schor established the Arts and Culture Commission last spring.
• The City of Lansing joined LEAP and the Arts Council in announcing $140,000 in First Impression grants to fund large, permanent art projects in Lansing like the 2019 Arts Impact project, “Below the Stacks,” a city-wide mural designed to interpret Lansing’s legacy
• In 2018, Mayor Schor created a Diversity Commission to celebrate the diversity of Lansing and to find ways to work on the issues that may divide us. The Arts and Culture Commission was established last spring to enhance the city’s arts and culture community and transform how art is used, seen and placed in Lansing.

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