COGL Network (Christians of Greater Lansing) is a network of regional Christian Leaders in the Church, Marketplace, and Community who joined forces since 2008 to help make an indelible spiritual and practical impact on cities and their surrounding communities.


The love of Christ compels us to unite together as local Church and Christian Leaders in order to see cities transformed with Christ based on John 17:21.

We bridge believers within the City, as the united Church bridges cities with Christ!


Our three focuses are to cultivate leader relationships, connect resources, and celebrate the Church impact on our cities.

Our monthly publications reports the regional impact of over 2,000 Christians praying, serving, and giving within our cities.


Within seven spheres, we unify Christian leaders around passions, charity, the family of God, and doctrine to pray, serve, and give towards the peace and prosperity of our shared communities and all residents therein.

COGL Network Promo 2017 HD 1080p
COGL Network

COGL Network Promo 2017 HD 1080p


President / Chair—Apostolic Leader Stephanie Butler

Vice Chair—Pastor Jessie Still

Treasurer—Pastor Kevin Shoemaker

Secretary—Pastor Christopher Maxie

Director—Dr. Toni Glasscoe

Director— Lhauren Singleton

Executive Director—Adam Williams


Thank You Emeritus Board Members!

Michelle Twitchell 

Minister Laura McMurtry

Dana Tryon

Minister Wendy Waterson

Pastor Dr. Sean Holland

Dennis Moore, Ministry Coaching M.D.

Bishop Samuel Duncan

Pastor Terrence King

Pastor Walter Gibson

Bishop David Maxwell

Pastor Phil Posthuma

Pastor Fred McGlone

Pastor Rosalinda Hernandez

Minister Vince Parris