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State f the City 2019 - ECONOMY & BUSINESS FOCUS
City Dept.:  LEAP (Lansing Economic Area Partnerships)

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT • Branding: What makes Lansing great is the people. Mayor Schor announced a new branding campaign and vision for Lansing focusing on three main areas of action: 1. Diversify housing options to meet residents’ changing needs, providing a variety of rentals, condominiums, historic housing and larger homes. 2. Focus on city design to improve the city’s public spaces – from roads to art – to ensure a welcoming environment. 3. Leverage Lansing’s existing diversity and employment opportunities to represent out city as an ideal place to live and thrive. Find more about this vision at
• As an effort to prioritize new jobs and development in Lansing, Mayor Schor created a new Department of Economic Development and Planning. (Director: Brian McGrain) • Lansing Economic Area Partnership (LEAP) will provide small business financing to entrepreneurs in Lansing and throughout the region. With LEAP’s help, the City of Lansing will take Fund Lansing a step further to provide additional support to Lansing-based entrepreneurs. For qualified small businesses in the City of Lansing, we will match the loan funds raised by Kiva, dollar for dollar.