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A COGL member who serves as a consultant for and with ministries for city impact.


Mike Winter, Regional Representative of CBMC

Network Representative for Economy and Business

Networks Impacting Economy and Business


CBMC (Christian Business Men's Connection)

Hearing from our Cities | 2019 Report

Event Report 

  • Our Culture of Prayer Team facilitated a prayer meeting with over 12 leaders around this area.

  • COGL worked with a Steering Team of practitioners in this area for planning the event.

  • Their diverse professional backgrounds include financial educators, realtors, and business and leadership coaches.


City Discussion Panelists

  • LEAP (Lansing Area Economic Partners) - Tony Willis

  • Greater Lansing Convention & Visitors Bureau - Heather Cooper Kim


Faith Community Panelists

  • Primerica Financial Services - Jason Rogers, Regional Vice President

Ways to Serve Our Cities

Initiatives of the City of Lansing:

  • Micro loan program for up to $25,000 to assist with business expansion efforts in Lansing

  • Façade Grant Program is a matching grant program to help with facades of business

  • Financial empowerment and health services for residents


Resources for Community Groups

Resources from LEAP on purelansing.com:

  • The Hatching, a quarterly pitch competition to support aspiring entrepreneurs.

  • The Start Chart, a step-by-step booklet that gives entrepreneurs and business owners a list of resources that are applicable to their current stage of business as well as workbook that gives insight on how to improve business.

  • Micro grants, funds up to $2,500 to assist fill a gap for entrepreneurs.

  • Youth Startup Expo, a business pitch competition to help inspire youth (6th-12th grade) to see themselves as an entrepreneur.


Ways to Pray for our Cities

Pray that people feel compelled to act on their ideas and dreams, especially when it comes to business. Many people have great ideas but very few act on them. They may not act due to lack of knowledge, fear of the unknown (someone taking idea, being ridiculed)

Faith Impact on Economy and Business | 2019 Report

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The faith community plays a significant role in training and equipping residents to make decisions that ensure
healthy, sustainable, and lasting legacies that reach well beyond their lifetime. Christians serve their cities well
by starting and leading businesses with healthy working cultures. Business leaders who recognize their unique
opportunity to create community, opportunity and wealth tend to equip future leaders and to encourage their
employees to dream big. Business leaders are one of the most valuable contributors to our cities eco-system. A
single business leader’s ethics and practices can significantly impact hundreds and even thousands of employees
and their families. Here is a list of key faith community groups in our network that impact communities:

  • Jason & Grace Roger's Primerica Financial Services – financial services and education

  • Ministry Coaching Making Disciples – coaching and discipleship services

  • Christian Men’s Business Coaching – leadership coaching services

  • Lansing Area Home Revitalization – real estate revitalization services

  • Thrivent Financial – financial services and charity

Annual Collaboration Events

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  • 4th Annual When September Ends | September 26, 2020 | fundraiser for the homeless | See Events.coglnetwork.org


Community Support Business Listings
(List your business here - $100 Donation)

Lansing Made | 517-285-4224 - 2722 | E. Michigan Ave. Suite 219 Lansing MI 48912 | LansingMade.com

Christian Mens Business Coaching | 517-481-5996 | 6011 W St Joseph Hwy. Lansing, MI 48917 | LansingCBMC.com

STATE OF THE CITY 2019 - Economy & Business Focus

Mayor Schor created a Department of Economic Development and Planning as an effort to prioritize new jobs and development in Lansing. The Lansing Economic Area Partnership (LEAP) will provide small businesses financing and new loan programs to local entrepreneurs. City branding, leveraged employment, participatory budgets, and housing options were also a priority for the city.

City Dept.:  LEAP (Lansing Economic Area Partnerships)

Contact: purelansing.com


ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT • Branding: What makes Lansing great is the people. Mayor Schor announced a new branding campaign and vision for Lansing focusing on three main areas of action:

1. Diversify housing options to meet residents’ changing needs, providing a variety of rentals, condominiums, historic housing and larger homes.

2. Focus on city design to improve the city’s public spaces – from roads to art – to ensure a welcoming environment.

3. Leverage Lansing’s existing diversity and employment opportunities to represent out city as an ideal place to live and thrive. Find more about this vision at www.lansingforward.com

• As an effort to prioritize new jobs and development in Lansing, Mayor Schor created a new Department of Economic Development and Planning. (Director: Brian McGrain)

• Lansing Economic Area Partnership (LEAP) will provide small business financing to entrepreneurs in Lansing and throughout the region. With LEAP’s help, the City of Lansing will take Fund Lansing a step further to provide additional support to Lansing-based entrepreneurs. For qualified small businesses in the City of Lansing, we will match the loan funds raised by Kiva, dollar for dollar.

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