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Uniting to transform cities with Christ through Science and Technology

Network Representative:

A COGL member who serves as a consultant for and with ministries for city impact.


Michelle Twitchell, Health Worker

Network Representative for Science and Technology Impact

Networks Impacting Science and Technology

Science and Technology Prayer Team

Hearing from our Cities | 2019 Report

Event Report 

  • Our Culture of Prayer Team facilitated a prayer meeting with 10 leaders around this area.

  • COGL worked with a Steering Team of practitioners and network leaders in this area for
    planning the event.

  • Their diverse professional backgrounds include technology, doctor, State worker in human services, health educator.


City Discussion Panelists

  • James Jackson, Representative of Ingham
    County Technology Council

  • Sarah Kenney, Pathways to Care Program
    of Ingham County Health Department


Faith Community Panelists

  • Michelle Twitchell - Congregational Health Team


Ways to Serve Our Cities

  • Provide individuals or groups transportation to health appointments.

  • Open your facility to the community for computer usage or host trainings.

Resources for Community Groups

• Capital Area District Library for computer labs• Tek Systems for I.T. staffing• Community Mental Health 1st Aid Training by CMH in Lansing.

Ways to Pray for our Cities

Please pray for new and creative technology and science ideas to come out of Lansing to impact chronic issues, communication, healthier living, and more.

Faith Impact on Science and Technology | 2019 Report

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Did you know? The first hospital in the U.S., the Pennsylvania Hospital, was originally conceived in 1751 by Christian scientists, Dr.
Thomas Bond and Benjamin Franklin. It was built to be an institution “for the reception and cure of the sick of charge,” Dr. Bond states.
Worldwide, Churches are known for providing missionary services to visit, help, or heal the sick. Over half of the
hospital’s you find today are name after Saints or have Clergy and Chaplain staffed to meet spiritual needs for
holistic healing. The churches in the Lansing area each include ministries focused on science and technology, such as
nurse’s care, community computer labs, food & nutrition, chiropractic care, communications, or in-house tech and
engineering services. Here is a list of community groups that are impacting science and technology:

  • Graces List – An online emergency services directory

  • His Healing Hands Clinic – Medical care for the low-income population

  • Nami Lansing – Mental health care services

  • Shekinah International – Donating toward individual medical expenses

  • Friendship Baptist Church – Provides trips to medical appointments

Annual Collaboration Events

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  • Faith in the 517 Food Drive | November 2020 TBA |See


Community Support Business Listings
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Juice Nation | 517-372-7700 | 111 S. Washington Sq. Lansing, MI 48933 |


His Healing Hands Clinic | 517-882-0056 | 2025 W. Holmes Rd Lansing, MI |

The Davies Project for Mid-Michigan Children | 517-515-5122 | 230 Bingham Street Suite 100 Lansing, MI 48912|


In Lansing, the mayor is focused on improving nutrition and health  accessibility for all residents. Additionally, the city has implemented new technology that includes using mobile apps for parking, emergency services, and communication of city resources.


City Dept.: Department of Human Services




• Mayor Schor is rebooting the Lansing financial health team. This important resource, originally put together by Mayor Bernero in 2012, provides necessary experience and is a critical resource to address the City of Lansing’s future financial challenges.

• Michigan State University has committed aid and resources to the City of Lansing towards updating the original report from 2013, as well as student resources to help the city grapple with this important challenge.

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