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Uniting to transform cities with Christ through Family and Neighborhoods

Network Consultant:

A COGL member who serves as a consultant for and with ministries for city impact.


Kevin Shoemaker, Pastor of Capital City Vineyard

Network Consultant for Family and Neighborhoods Impact

Networks Impacting Families and Neighborhoods

I Love My City Initiative

Lansing Area Home School Network

Homeless Resolution Network

Move Womens Network

Hearing from our Cities | 2019 Report

Event Report 

  • COGL Culture of Prayer Team facilitated a prayer meeting with over 10 leaders around Family and Neighborhoods.

  • COGL consulted with practitioners in this area for planning the event. Their diverse professional backgrounds include social work, adoption, human services and a health education.

  • Over 40 leaders gathered at the community center to learn ways for serving families and neighborhoods


City Discussion Panelists:
Lansing Neighborhoods & Citizen Engagement - Andi Crawford, Director

Lansing Parks and Recs - Brett Kaschinske, Director


Faith Community Panelist:
South Nazarene Church - Brad Dyrness, Sr Pastor 


Ways to Serve Our Cities

SERVE Lansing brings together volunteers to support initiatives throughout Lansing – primarily these are Neighborhood cleanups. Churches can work with the Department of Neighborhoods + Citizen Engagement to design and deliver a cleanup in their community. Overall, these are the goals you can connect with in Lansing Park’s 5-year master plan:

  • Naturalization and Ecology Management- taking care of our public lands for everyone to enjoy.

  • Tree Conservation Planting and Replacement- Helping create a cooler, cleaner environment.

  • Access to Rivers and River Management-being great stewards of the resources, we have in Lansing and putting more people out on the rivers to enjoy nature.

  • Create a Parks Foundation-this will help create advocacy for Parks and assist with financial resources outside the general fund.

  • Non-motorized trail use- allows for both recreational and transportation use in the city.

  • Diversify Recreational Opportunities- sustaining diverse opportunities for our diverse city.


Resources for Community Groups

                The Neighborhood grant program is also available for Lansing faith organizations to apply for to support projects that build Lansing neighborhoods. Grants range from $200 - $5000. Many city programs and services are free, and participation in leisure activities will lead to a better community. People can help serve our community by volunteering in parks or community centers, teaching a community class, telling others about the services offered, or even Adopt a Park. To find more about these resources, visit


Ways to Pray for our Cities

Please pray for our homeless/unsheltered population using our parks and public spaces that they may use the resources that we have in this city to help decrease our numbers of homeless.
Our violent crime and youth violence continue to be higher than should be for a city our size. Pray for nonviolent resolution to disputes and for the safety of our first-responders throughout the city.

Faith Impact on Families and Neighborhoods | 2019 Report

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Churches have served families for generations. From births to funerals, ministries counsel, marry, and equip families. The churches in the Lansing Area regularly create spaces where children, teens, college students, singles and spouses can socialize, strengthen one another, and grow. Here is a highlight of faith community groups in our network that impact communities:

  • Crossroads Church – Provides housing, food, and bedding needs

  • Bethany Christian Services – Adoption and family services

  • Samaritas – Adoption, Foster Care, Senior and Affordable Living

  • Holy Cross Services – Social services, homeless shelter and care services

  • Lansing City Rescue Mission – Homeless shelter and care services

  • Lansing C.O.G.I.C. – Quality Free Clothing Ministry

  • Christ Kingdom Builder Church – Hosts community coat drives

  • Shekinah International – Cleans two city parks

Annual Collaboration Events

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  • MOVE – a regional Women’s Conference in April 2020

  • I Love My City Week – Multi-church Community Service Event in May 2020

  • Love the City – a week of churches serving the community led by City Life Lansing

  • Bless the City – community service organized by Mount Hope Church

  • Love Lansing – community service organized by Trinity Church


Community Support Business Listings
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Child and Family Charities | 517-882-4000 | 4287 Five Oaks Dr. Lansing MI, 48911|


The Firecracker Foundation | 517-742-7224 | 2450 Delhi Commerce Dr. Suite 9 |


Mayor Andy Schor participated in the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative to gain insight on data and how it drives decision making in Lansing. He appointed the Department of Neighborhoods and Citizen Engagement Director Andi Crawford to lead a city-wide team of data analysts. With approaches like these, a city can better identify needs within communities.



  • 2020 “new neighborhood of focus” investment to improve northeast Lansing neighborhood - Willow Street, Walnut Street and Comstock Park area. 

  • 2019 new bus stop and the installation of a crowd-funded soccer field in south Lansing

  • supplements 277 new housing units in Lansing’s downtown

  • Love Your Block work has been recognized and honored as an international model for civic engagement.

City Department Info:
Neighborhoods & Citizen Engagement

Contact: Andi Crawford | Email:
Phone: 517-483-4076 | Website:

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