State of the City 2019 - EDUCATION & YOUTH FOCUS
City Dept.: Neighborhoods & Citizen Engagement

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• Mayor Schor designated Andi Crawford to be a liaison between the
City of Lansing and the Lansing School District. This will provide
better customer service to all residents, and build relationship
between the City of Lansing and promote programs in the Lansing
School District
• Established the Lansing Promise Capital City Classic (student
baseball tournament) in partnership with the Lansing Lugnuts,
Lansing School District, & Lansing Promise.
• Continued Lansing Police Department School Watch Program.
• Partnered with Lansing Public Schools for Break Feeding Program.
• Quarterly Housing & Neighborhood Resource Summits were held at
Lansing Schools.
• LPD continues to partner with the community in supporting Lansing
Promise and the H.O.P.E. program. In partnership with MSUFCU,
• Lansing SAVE provided 28 days of financial education in 17 Lansing
schools serving 2,584 students monthly.


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