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Dr. Toni Glasscoe, Educator of the Lansing Area

Network Representative for Education and Youth Impact

Networks Impacting Education and Youth

Church-2-School Initiative

Hearing from our Cities | 2019 Report

Event Report 

  • Our Culture of Prayer Team facilitated a prayer meeting with over 20 leaders around this area.

  • COGL worked with a Steering Team of practitioners in this area for planning the event. Their diverse professional backgrounds include youth pastors and workers, educators, college administrators, youth program directors.

  • This team also planned a workshop, forum, and retreat, together which provided six practical ways for over 106 leaders and churches to serve schools.


City Discussion Panelists

  • Amber Paxton, Office of Financial Empowerment under direction of the City of Lansing Liaison of Schools

  • DeVaughn Croxton, Community in Schools of Michigan


Faith Community Panelists

  • Vicky Parker, Church-2-School Outreach Partnership

  • Mathew Smith, Pastor of Bethlehem Lutheran Church


Ways to Serve Our Cities

The City of Lansing partners with the Lansing School District and MSUFCU to provide the Lansing SAVE program, a post-secondary education savings account that is opened automatically for every LSD kindergartener and seeded with $5.

We then visit students monthly from December to May to deliver financial education lessons and accept deposits.

How to contribute: We’ve established the Community Champions program, whereby faith organizations can take up a special collection on any5th Sunday, and it will be deposited into the Lansing SAVE accounts of students in a chosen geography.


Resources for Community Groups

We partner with such organizations as Lansing Promise, Capital Area College Access Network, and the Lansing Financial Empowerment Center. These programs, along with Lansing SAVE, make up a financial inclusion system of supports from kindergarten through retirement. Additionally, Communities in Schools can also work with ministries to surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life.


Ways to Pray for our Cities

Pray for equity. We establish programs like Lansing SAVE to address issues of equitable access to post-secondary education. We ask you to pray that we all feel a sense of indictment to work on this together. Pray that equitable opportunities would be experienced for students regardless of their race and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Faith Impact on Education and Youth | 2019 Report

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Churches regularly support local educational institutions and students by providing
back to school supplies, teacher care kits, books, nutrition packs, clothing closets, higher
education, after school programs, mentors, volunteers and so much more. Christian
leaders often feel called to serve as administrators, teachers, youth leaders, program
directors because they recognize that the educational seasons in a youth’s life are
formative and instrumental in ensuring they are equipped to lead healthy, contributing
and full lives. Here is a list of key faith community groups that impact local communities:

  • Great Lakes Christian College – faith-based higher education

  • Lansing Christian Schools – youth education

  • Trinity Church – adopting Schools to care for

  • South Naz Church – afterschool care and youth services

  • Streets 517 Ministries – youth services

  • YWorship – youth summer program

  • Bethlehem Lutheran Church – student savings accounts

Annual Collaboration Events

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  • YWorship | July 29th - August 2nd, 2020 | Youth Worship Arts Program |


Community Support Business Listings
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ASPIRE Relationship Education | 517-664-9544 | PO Box 70094 Lansing, MI 48908 |


Bethlehem Lutheran Evangelical Church | 517-482-3225 | 549 E Mt Hope Ave, Lansing, MI 48910 |


First Priority of Greater Lansing | 616-318-5404 | |


Trinity Church | 517-272-3820 | 3355 Dunckel Rd, Lansing, MI 48911 |


Lansing Community College | 517-483-1957 | 409 N Washington Square, Lansing, MI 48933 |


Lansing Promise | 517-512-3616 | 2722 E Michigan Ave #203, Lansing, MI 48912 |


The Well Education Center | 517-927-1501 |1473 Haslett Rd. Haslett MI 48840 |


Uplift Our Youth Foundation | 844-55-YOUTH (96884) | P.O. Box 70099 Lansing, MI 48908 |

Child and Family Charities | 517-882-4000 | 4287 Five Oaks Dr. Lansing MI, 48911|


The Firecracker Foundation | 517-742-7224 | 2450 Delhi Commerce Dr. Suite 9 |

STATE OF THE CITY 2019 - Education & Youth Focus

Mayor Schor designated someone at the city to be a liaison between the City of Lansing and the Lansing School District. This individual works with Lansing schools to help the city to support and promote Lansing School District programs. This will provide better customer service to all residents, and this includes those especially in Lansing schools.

City Department Info:
Neighborhoods & Citizen Engagement

Contact: Andi Crawford | Email:
Phone: 517-483-4076 | Website:

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