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Minimalist Church

Religion & Faith Impact

United to transform cities with Christ through Religion and Faith

Alex Maxie

Pastor of Christ Kingdom Builders

Network Leader for Religion & Faith Impact

Our COGL consultant for Religion and

Faith ministries for city-wide impact.


Networks Impacting Religion and Faith

ARC Network

Greater Lansing Clergy Forum

Ministers' Alliance

The Furnace Prayer Movement


Hearing from our Cities | 2019 Report


Gathering  Report 

  • Our Culture of Prayer Team facilitated a prayer meeting with over 17 leaders around this area.

  • COGL worked with a Steering Team of practitioners and network leaders in this area for planning the event where over 99 church leaders gathered at City Hall to hear community needs from the Mayor’s Office and prayed for our cities.

  • Their diverse backgrounds include pastors, and ministry and prayer leaders from various denominations.

City Discussion Panelist:
Mayor’s Office of Faith-Based Initiatives - Bishop David Maxwell


Faith Community Panelists:

  • COGL Network - Stephanie Butler, Apostolic Leader

  • Greater Lansing Clergy Forum - Christopher Alex Maxie, Sr. Pastor

Ways to Serve Our Cities

Educate families within congregations on morals and community issues regarding social challenges, quality of life. Ensure that citizens are aware and engaged to help Lansing be a welcoming city to all.


Resources for Community Groups

  • City of Lansing provide free or low-cost resources, such as the City Hall event space. Additional resources can be found through visiting the website

  • The two sponsors for this event were Covenant Eyes and Thrivent Financial Services who provide resources for the faith community. To learn more of their resources that can meet individual’s spiritual and practical needs, please take time to contact them online

Ways to Pray for Our Cities

Please pray for opioid crisis to be resolved, for the roads to be fixed, and for the safety and well-being of our education facilities and city.


Impact on Religion and Faith | 2019 Report

(Join our united city impact at - $50 Donation)

Faith community representatives go into cultures, communities and nations, to serve residents in their lowest and highest points in life. They support residents by ministering spiritual counsel in neighborhoods, jails, hospitals, mental institutions, homeless shelters, funeral homes, businesses, schools, public service departments, and more. Here is a list of a few faith community groups in our network that impact communities:

  • C.O.R.R.E. – Racial Healing education within the faith community

  • HOPE (House of Prayer) – Campus prayer ministry 

  • Michigan House of Prayer – Prayer ministry uniting ministries and connecting with government leaders

  • Capital City Vineyard Church – Racial healing partnership and caring for immigrant families


Annual Collaboration Events
(List your faith event here $25 Donation)

  • Annul Pastor’s Salute Luncheon – February 29, 2020

  • Citywide Prayer – January 22, 2020


Community Business Listings
(List your business here - $100 Donation)


Shekinah International | 5177754528 |4625 Bristol Street Lansing, MI 48910 |


Friendship Baptist Church | 517-394-6369 | 2912 Pleasant Grove Road, Lansing, MI 48910


Capital City Vineyard Church | 517-337-9121 | 1635 Coolidge Rd. East Lansing, MI 48823 |


Christ's Kingdom Builders Church |517-657-3509 | 719 E. Cesar Chavez Lansing, MI |


“A welcoming city” - Mayor Andy Shor. Lansing’s Inter-Faith Advisory Council was created and serves as
a source of input and collaboration with the faith community regarding social challenges, quality of life,
and ensuring that Lansing is a welcoming city to all. Mayor Schor also created a Diversity Commission
to celebrate the diversity of Lansing and to find ways to work on the issues that may divide us.

INTER-FAITH AND DIVERSITY • In 2019, the Inter-Faith Advisory Council will be created. Organized by Bishop David Maxwell, the council will serve as a source of input and collaboration with the faith community regarding social challenges, quality of life, and ensuring that Lansing is a welcoming city to all.

City Department Info:

Office of Faith-Based Initiatives

Contact: Bishop Maxwell | Email:

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