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Check out resources that may help you join our cities in reducing the health risks

EO update July 10, 2020:

"No individual is subject to penalty under the order for removing a mask while engaging in religious worship at a house of religious worship, although consistent with guidance from the CDC, congregants are strongly encouraged to wear face coverings during religious services." click here to view more:,9309,7-387-90499_90640-533941--,00.html


COGL provided a "Church Leaders Support Call for COVID-19." This call bridged the City Professionals and Church Leaders to transform communities through city-identified needs and peer-2-peer sharing.


This was an exclusive call that included 30+ ministry leaders led by, Do 1 Thing, LLC, an expert in emergency response for the City of Lansing and nonprofits! We united to listen, share, and pray as a diverse group of pastors from the Pastor's Clergy forum, Mayor's Interfaith Advisory Council, ARC, Ministry Alliance and more! 


Our Partner's Info: Do1Thing, assists with emergency preparedness as a whole and is offering FREE consulting for nonprofits, churches, and families to help you thrive during emergencies. Feel free to reach out with any other questions or concerns by visiting or emailing

Please directly contact the Mayor's office for questions at 517-214-5718

to reach Bishop David Maxwell, Mayor's Office of Faith-based Initiatives

What are Churches Doing to Prepare Internally?


Churches are complying in faith without fear in response to community needs through prayer, serving, and giving. Here is a list of things ministries are doing to share the gospel!

  • Applying for funding under the CARES Act to support payroll, bills, and more. Click  for details on:

  • Signs are being posted at the door to inform members of service updates.

  • For funerals, ceremonies, and alike churches are consulting with families and funeral homes on how to best reduce the risks and comply with regulations while honoring loved ones.

  • Some churches Sunday are preparing info packets for those who show up. They will pick up their packet and go. The packet includes info of how to watch or call into services remotely, answer tech questions, and discuss plans for the week.

  • Using a FM transmitter (available at Bestbuy) to broad cast a live audio stream service to members as they remain in their car for Sunday.

  • Calling to check on members and a 24/7 prayer line open to the community

  • Using Church Signage to communicate hope, service and prayer info, and share assistance resources.

  • Live video streaming or Live audio conference calls for broadcasting services using youtube, facebook, zoom, etc. Also sending recordings to members is a method.

  • Breaking services up into groups of 50 by alphabetical order or by building capacity

  • Utilizing small groups to meet in homes and minister based on instructions from leaders

  • Using small groups to provide satellite broadcasting for those without access to technology or streaming

  • Paypal and Cash App for donations; or taking donations over the phone and mail. *Please review legal terms for charities when using services. Cash App Legal Guidelines Link

  • Creating safety-committees to stay up to date on health info and for best practices to send to their flock

  • Working with a local health professional share professional resources to educate their congregants and guests.


What are Churches Doing to Serve Externally?


Churches are still beacons of light in this dim time. While handling cases and reducing risk our local health facilities, first-responders, human services departments are expressing that they are reaching capacity.

There are many opportunities to be the light! Here are a few resources to find out what to pray for, give towards, or ways to serve our community in relationship with city experts.


  • CDC - For the top most credible source used by health systems for best health recommendations and remedies, screening tests, and personal care - visit CDC. Click the link to see the Interim Guidance for Faith Organizations from

  • Global - Visit the World Health Organization website and which is used by government and health systems for one of the most accredited reports of health rates, myths, recoveries, and status of COVID-19.

  • State of Michigan - For immediate updates on Executive Orders and Emergency Laws from our Governor, visit and subscribe online to Additionally the State of Michigan COVID-19 Hotline is open during normal business hours for talking with a representative about questions and what Michigan is doing, please call 888-535-6163 or visit 

  • City of Lansing - During the State of Emergency, the City of Lansing will be sending daily COVID updates at 5pm to everyone on the Neighborhood News list and posting to the city’s social media channels. They will include opportunities to help each other and resources where help is available. If you have information that you would like included, please send it to DeLisa Fountain at daily by 3pm.  

  • Local Food - For serving the community with food, please contact the Greater Lansing Food Bank who has the data and locally services 7 counties. They would love assistance with mobile food pantries. They are asking churches to call them to assist the accurate needs of the community and while following the best health and distribution  protocols. Help residents access the abundance of food available within the network. 

  • Local Human Services - For the best resources of emergency relief for individual's finances, please coordinate or direct people to dial 211 from their phones. Church prayer lines can be "Navigators" for helping residents access managed human services. United way is raising funds to support the relief fund. Ministries and individuals can donate here:

  • Local Seniors - To assist elderly in the community, the Tri-County Office of Aging is providing protocols and opportunities to partner with churches. They are in great need getting food and resources to seniors as they are at the highest risks. They asked to please contact them as listed online: or call 517-899-9457

  • Local Homeless - Homeless populations are being professionally cared for under the Capital Regional Housing Collaborative. As they coordinate with the Health department and others, they ask to contact them for volunteering. There's a need for those have medical training and/ or who are non-elderly to volunteer. Visit or call 517-292-2940 to coordinate.

  • Local Transportation - Transportation is currently minimal by CATA (Capital Area Transportation Authority). They ask if you are assisting the community by transporting individuals to please use precautions and recommendations to reduce the risks on If at all possible, please remain at home until the Government expresses lower risks.

  • Be a Resource - The City Office of Emergency Management is asking willing Church Organizations to fill out a survey to see if you can offer assistance towards healing our cities. The survey focuses on helping the most vulnerable population that data has shown; and includes opportunities to assist with meals, shelter, and other general needs. For questions, call Captain Jason Stevens at 517-483-5345. Survey link is here:

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